Electrospective Music is a journey without beginning or end.

There is so much to explore, so much to do and so much to experience,
however it is clear that two major themes are prevalent:

1. the history of electronic music [read more…]
2. its effects on human consciousnes [read more…]

You cannot completely understand one of these without understanding the other. From ancient times, indigenous cultures sang and danced, their lives infused with ceremony and meaning. Many people in our modern technologically advanced times have never taken the time for such an experience to occur in their lives. But, many have and many more will soon follow. That’s right, we are living in special times where there is an awakening of spirit. People are waking up, and more people are dancing. Electronic Music is the Medicine that we need…… in these troubled times. Electrospective Music is a website entirely dedicated to exploring the deep and rich history of electronic music. We will study the time-lines, the machines, and the people who invented them and those who have successfully used them. We will study the effects of this music on culture and on human consciousness. We will look deeply into all these topics and there will be forums available for you to express your views and to add your knowledge and wisdom to this site. We will be posting information on the effects of electronic music from E.E.G. and other studies related to human consciousness.