Trance developed in the 1990s,characterized by a tempo of 120-140BPM, melodic synthesizer phrases, builds up and downs throughout . It is music as industrial, techno, and house. The name is linked to the ability of music to induce an altered state of trance consciousness. The effect has been likened to the trance-inducing music created by ancient shamanists during long periods of drumming. Origin Early in the 1980s the German composer Klaus Schulze composed albums of experimental “space music”. These songs share similarities with early trance music and are categorized as trance. Two of his albums include “trance” in titles, 1981s Trancefer and 1987s En=Trance. Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygène, 1976 and Equinoxe in 1978, is widely regarded as the godfather of the genre. It’s been noted that trance shares similarities found on Neil Young’s 1982 electronic Trans album.

Source: Wikipedia

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