Buddha Bomb

 I coined the term Electrospective during a conversation with good friend Brian Comerford aka DJ e23. Brian is himself an innovator in the electronic music field, not only as a DJ and producer, but as a pioneer in starting Radiovalve, one of the first online electronic music radio stations. By the time I met Brian in January 1999, Radiovalve was up and running strong!

During the course of our friendship, I followed Brian as a DJ on KGNU Radio in Boulder, Colorado. My interest in electronic music grew during that time and I was hosting 3-5 KGNU radio shows per month, many of them featuring historical aspects of electronic music. Before too long, Brian invited me to be host a show on.

The Electrospective Music site is for all who love electronic music. The site includes a history of electronic music and an exploration of the effects this form of music has on human consciousness. These two topics are both huge in themselves and this site is an ambitious undertaking since the goal is to fully integrate these two major topics.

I have presented a workshop with a similar name: “The Eletrospective History of Electronic Music and its Effects on Human Consciousness.” I did this a number of times at various summer outdoor music festivals including Dreamtime, Gaian Mind and Syntonic.